Printer Contract Scheme

We have the pleasure to inform your organization that it has been selected as an eligible company to benefit from our Printer contract Scheme.

What is the Printer Contract Scheme?

Globe Computers System Ltd (GCLS) has set aside various Brand New Printers including multifunction printers,  capable of printing workloads from (mid-range)  2000 copies per month to (heavy duty)  12500 copies per month, and these printers will be provided to the selected companies for Free on the following terms and conditions;

  1. The Selected Company must have a minimum print requirement of 2000-2500 copies per month, which is the yield of one Toner for the Printer.
  2. The company must undertake to purchase from us a minimum of One Toner each month purchased quarterly in advance.
  3. GCLS guarantees the customer, that the price of the Toner been sold will be lower than that sold in the market place  and assures that the printing costs will be reduced by opting to use this scheme.
  4. A customer can be supplied  with one or many printers provided that each printer meets the minimum print volume of 2000/2500 per month.
  5. GCSL will provide a Brand-new Printer on a 2 year Contract based on the organization’s needs (multifunction, Network, etc) for Free.
  6. GCSL will Install, configure manage, maintain, service and even replace the printer for absolutely Free during this contract period.
  7. GCLS assures the customer that there will be no other charges whatsoever apart from the purchase of one toner each month.

This offer is only limited to selected companies, please advise of your interest attached herewith are the Printers that are available and the prices for their respective toners. Our Manager responsible shall contact your office to clarify and explain the benefits on this offer.